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"Fun no longer needs an alibi."
- Souldish

"The most intoxicatedly sober party in town."
- TimeOut NY

"Body Temple is an underground movement."
- Newsweek


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"Incredible. An eye opening orgasmic experience. My mind is open and my body is reinvigorated."

"Nothing short of fantastic!"

"Body Temple really knows how to throw a party. The performances were insane. Hot stuff."

"I was absolutely blown away. What a fantastic, positive, sensual, rejuvinating vibe."

"Body Temple is a chance for people to go inside and open up to themselves in a way that is rarely available in the US."

"Amazing. Like paradise."

"Terrific. The best time I have had in a long time."

"We had the best time ever. From the circle to the didgeridoo meditation. The food, body painting, and music were all incredible."

"I was moved. I felt an incredible sense of connection and release and am extremely grateful."

"Amazing dance party."
"Sober, fun, good vibes, good food."

"Never before have I been to a party like this."

"I haven't felt that unburdened in as long as I can remember."

"I had the best time. Thank you for creating the space for it all to happen."

"Intriguing. The performance aspects were potent and intense."

"Wonderful event. Great people, energy, and nourishments material and spiritual."

"I had a blast. The crowd was pumping and everyone just so together."

"Thank you for holding that amazing space for our awesome community of light. The energy was so potent and everywhere I looked, sisters and brothers were meeting each other as one in the dance. The music and the drumming were truly stellar, I could not stop dancing and with a new presence in my bones and breath. The ceremony. The trance dance. Thank you! We are forging the new way, to live and be in an urban setting as forest beings and I am honored to dance amongst such beautious shaman beings as yourselves."

"Absolutely amazing. Incredible music, amazing energy. It was so cool to be surrounded by so many like-minded people. Whether you wanted to dance, do yoga or tai chi, get a massage, it was all there and there was no judgment on anything, only support and love. I had a great time, and I feel like the great energy of the night has been with me ever since. I can't wait for the next event. You have definitely recruited a new follower. It seems like you are an amazing group of people with the right idea about body, mind, and spirit."

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